• Wip: Orruk Maw-Krusha

    Wip: Orruk Maw-Krusha

    A super quick post as I am excited to be assembling my first Ironjawz model for AOS. The model is a beauty and very large. I will have some more photos up in the next few days once I start painting.

  • Tutorial: Painting Blood ThirdEyeNuke Style

    Tutorial: Painting Blood ThirdEyeNuke Style

    Hey guys, today I want to do a quick tutorial on painting blood. How I paint blood is a question that I get asked alot so further ado let's get started. Painting blood like I do is very easy to do. I know some people just use GW Blood for the Blood God mixed with GW Nuln oil wash, but I don't think that alone is that realistic and I think it's more interesting to try to bring more depth and layers into the equation.

    Step 1: Load you brush up with GW Reikland Flesh shade and apply to the area you want blood.

    Step 2: Once the wash has dried completely apply another layer of GW Reikland Flesh shade and let this dry.

    Step 3: Mix Vallejo Smoke with GW Evil Sunz Scarlet. This should be something like 70/30. The 70 being the Vallejo Smoke as you want to create a darker dirty looking re.You then need to create a wash for this colour. All you need to do is dilute it down with regular water. Once you have this colour watered down apply it in areas of interest over the already dried GW Reikland Flesh. The messier the better.

    Step 4: Once step 3 has dried mix Tamiya Smoke with Tamiya Clear Red. You want this at a ratio in that you are using more Tamiya Smoke in the mix so that red is darker. Apply then in areas of interest. This paint is interesting as the finish is gloss compared to the matt paints that you have laid down previously.

    Step 5: Once this has dried or even if still wet you can apply Tamiya Clear red on its own again in areas of interest. Let this dry.

    Step 6: Now the fun part. With your previous mix of Vallejo Smoke and GW Evil Sunz Scarlet that was watered down load up a brush and with your finger flick the brush at the area you have painted blood on. You can also do the same thing with GW Blood for the Blood God paint. I usually use both.

    So hope that helps answer any questions about painting blood. Would you guys be interested in more tutorials?

  • WIP: Tau Warriors Strike Team and Khorne Daemonkin

    WIP: Tau Warriors Strike Team and Khorne Daemonkin

    Hey guys, today has been a pretty busy one. I have managed to base and get started painting on quite a large amount of Tau Warriors and Khorne Daemonkin Troops. The Tau are part of a large army that I am working on as a commission and the Khorne models are my own. I always ussually like to work on several things at once as this way it breaks up repetition and funnily enough I also work faster by doing this. The Tau models are to be painted in a WW2 German army winter camo theme. You may have already seen the models that I posted a few days ago. I like this scheme as it's refreshing approaching models to paint in a historical military style when you have a futuristic model in your hands.

    For the Tetras I used masking tape ripped up into pieces and then airbrushed over ro create the camo effect. Alternatively you can also use blue tack ripped into strips. What do you think so far?

  • WIP: Imperial Knights Renegades

    WIP: Imperial Knights Renegades

    Hey guys, today I thought I'd show the Imperial Knight Renegades I am working on.

    I have been painting these two models on and off for the past week as a break for when I am not working on quite a large Tau army. I was kind of cheating as whenever I would work on the Tau paint scheme I would quickly use the same paints on the Knights. It has worked as a advantage as the colours used are quite similar to a Death Guard army that I own and the models blend in nicely.

    I still need to do some more work on them, but I am pretty happy with how they are looking. What do you think so far?

  • WIP: Imperial Fists Ironclad Dreadnought

    WIP: Imperial Fists Ironclad Dreadnought

    Hey all, a real quick one today with some progress on a Imperial Fist Ironclad Dreadnought.

    This is for my own personal army that I am slowly building up. At the moment I am working towards 1000pts. I am really enjoying painting these Imperial Fists and look forward to showing more progress as I work my way through my small collection. On another note I got to play a few games of Warhammer Quest this weekend with a few guys at my local GW and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Not having played the game before and having nothing to compare it to I really liked it and had quite a few laughs, so will probably/hopefully be picking that up this weekend.

    What do you think of my progress so far on the Ironclad Dread and what do you think of the new version of Warhammer Quest if you got a chance to play?